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Rudy has been our property manager for Pine Hill Unit 4 for over seven years and has served us with great success and distinction. Always energetic and thoughtful, his work is the biggest part of the successes we attained as a rental unit. Rudy provides great service to our customers as well as to us as owners.

Over the period, rental revenue has increased an average of 15% per year, gross profits 9% per year.

Rudy is a solid negotiator with potential renters, capable of dealing with any number of strange requests and exercising excellent judgement to screen inquiries and close deals. He consistently receives glowing comments from renters for his thoroughness and follow up leading directly to our 5 star ratings.

A sound administrator and superior communicator, Rudy provides great records and quarterly accounting reports I use in analysis which I share with Rudy.

He has demonstrated excellent flexibility and ability to learn and adapt as the rental environment dealing with VRBO, AirBnB, and other regulatory issues causing periodic necessary adjustments to requirements and processes.

Rudy provides great value, providing near turnkey services for those periods of time we find ourselves distracted from property management involvement, but has also provided excellent advice and feedback for those events in which we wanted or needed to be more involved.

When a major maintenance issue surfaced, Rudy pounced on the issue, dealt with the leg work, found the necessary resources, and provided great accounting and sound advice as he successfully managed our way through a difficult time resulting in no negative impact to our business.

Above all, Rudy has our trust and confidence to provide sound judgement and excellent service. In a business in which we find ourselves over 300 miles away from the point of operation and customer satisfaction is essential, this is an invaluable asset.
-- David & Mary Ellen G., owner of Pinehll 4, vacation rental condo in Lake Placid (January 2024)

Rudy has been my rental manager for seven years now and for my condo Lakeside 16 in Lake Placid! Since I engaged him as my rental property manager, I became interested in maximizing my property's profit potential. Rudy's skills have painlessly improved my income at least 50%. He is highly efficient, organized, totally trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. He oversees every aspect of my condos rentals and the guests that stay there, expertly coordinates our staff and has a well earned impeccable reputation as a licensed real estate broker and rental manager. I am fortunate to have him as he is a great business partner plus we have become good friends along the way too.
-- Claire W., owner of Lakeside 16, vacation rental condo in Lake Placid (January 2024)

If your vacation rental goal is to maximize the dates for your rental property and give your guests immediate access to a property manager who is praised by everyone, you must use RUDY YOUNGER. Our vacation rental was listed with a major Lake Placid realty company for about two years before we met Rudy. Within our first month with him we knew we had made a great decision. Rudy is very easy to work with. He is laid back, yet professional. He is a kind and supportive neighbor, yet becomes a mother pit bull when representing you. He is affable and kind, yet cracks a whip when something needs to get done. He treats our rental property like it was his own which easily explains why our RENTAL DATES TRIPLED over our previous rental management company.

Rudy has extraordinary contacts for maintenance, repairs and cleaning. When we visit our place, it is in pristine condition and exactly like it was when we last visited. Our guests always appreciate the extra touches that Rudy does in order to make their stay wonderful. Rudy shares his in-depth knowledge with our guests to ensure they make the most out of their visit to Lake Placid and Our Dancing Bear just like he shared with us. Rudy also uses meticulous record keeping skills which is more than appreciated when tax time comes. If you want a personal, hands-on, knowledgeable property manager-- hire Rudy Younger. Best decision ever we made!
–Cameron, owner of 'Our Dancing Bear' vacation rental condo in Lake Placid (November, 2021)

As a real estate broker who has been in the Real Estate / Vacation Rental business since 2002, I can tell you that Rudy knows how to get the job done! He respects his clients needs and wants and knows how to maximize rental revenue. He is the best rental agent, besides me, I've encountered!
–John L. (April, 2020)

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