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Have you considered investing in a vacation rental property or a second home but would like to consult with a rental expert first and make a much more informed and insightful decision? Or have you already invested in a property and are struggling with its rental management details? Rudy is here to help and will expertly guide you through the decision making process, avoid potential pitfalls and offer assistance and advice to increase your revenues. You are not alone as Rudy has been exactly where you are many times and, working together, can help you reach your financial goals. Nothing is more important than setting up your business the right way, initially, as it’s critical to your long term success!


Investing in a new
vacation rental property!
Making a highly informed decision

If you are considering buying a new property as a rental investment or second home and want to know if it’s a wise and well thought out decision, Rudy can help. There are many aspects to consider during this process with the most important one usually being what the expected revenues are versus the expenses. Will it make enough money to justify the investment for you? Rudy can guide you through this extremely important process so you make the right decision, based on your wants, needs and goals. First, he will help you build a thorough operating budget with all expected expenses. Then you'll project how much revenue you can expect to earn. Many issues will need to be considered and discussed: What about taxes and write offs? Where is a good location to buy and how much rental demand will there be? Should I allow pets? How many bedrooms are needed and how many people will the property accommodate? What about amenities such as a hot tub, pool, fire pit, game or media room? Should you manage the rentals yourself or pay a broker to list it and do that for you? Rudy will help you with each step of this process and consult with you in building an ideal long-term strategy for your new investment. Below are some examples of clients who have benefitted from his consultation services:

A New York City couple, investing in a rental property: In the fall of 2019, a couple from New York City contacted me -- through this website -- about a new property they just purchased in upstate New York. It was completely off the grid on 19 acres and without plumbing, electric or running water. They totally updated and renovated it and it turned out beautifully. They wanted to rent it out to cover their costs but didn't know who or what was needed to do that. I met them at their home in November and started to consult on every aspect of turning it into a rental vacation property for them. We secured a caretaker and housekeeper, created a thorough operating budget and projected future expenses and rental income. They are now up and running with 2 sets of guests scheduled, one for all of April and the other the entire summer with a respected landscape painter. I spent a total of 10 hours consulting before taking over as their rental manager. My work consisted of develping a rental strategy, creating an operating budget, estimating revenue, taking photos, recommendations both inside and outside the home - a firepit, board games, allowing pets, a grill, etc. - building rental listings on HomeAway, Adirondack By Owner and AirBNB and more. They have moved out of the area but their beautiful new home is now in good hands with me and our team firmly in place.

A Modern Farmhouse: A couple from New York city contacted me in August of 2019, and again through this website, about managing their rental property. They did not have the knowledge or time to do it themselves and needed someone like me to do that for them. I met them at their home, went through every inch of it very carefully and later agreed to manage it for them. There was alot to do with getting a contract in place, building the rental listings, adding some in home guest notes, firepit considerations, procedures for guests, creating an arrival information package, leases, fireplace instructions and more. We had a very succesful start with 10 sets of guests in the first 4 months and expect an even better year in 2020. I also put them in touch with one of my local housekeepers so, between her and myself, we keep an eye on their beautiful home for them and, when they are not around, we can always run over, if needed.

Managing an existing
vacation rental property!
Building a long-term strategy for success

Perhaps you already have a vacation rental and investment property and would like more revenue or are considering having someone else take over rental management for you. It's never too late to improve your existing business strategy and Rudy can help! He knows and understands the many decisions and processes needed that, when added together, could result in a significant increase in your rental income. For instance: What web sites are you on? Do you allow pets? Are your photos attractive and easy to view? What about rental pricing? Negotiating? Do you understand "calendaring" and how to leverage it? How do you respond to inquiries? Rudy's clients properties can and have generated about 2 to 3 times what most brokers normally do. When you hire Rudy, he shares with you his secrets to success. He explains in detail about how it's done and he helps you build a smart strategy to get you to your revenue goals. He will analyze your current situation and then work with you in building a long-term plan and strategy for your continued success! So if you want to increase your vacation rental revenues, call Rudy! Here are the areas in which he will work with you:

Phase 1: Analyzing your business - taking a deep and insightful look

Phase 2: The specifics:

  • Photos: are they good enough, are better ones needed
  • Websites: which ones to be on and why
  • Calendaring: what it is and why it's so important
  • Responding to inquiries: steps for success
  • Pricing: the ins and outs of understanding demand
  • Running Special offers: when, where and why
  • Pet friendly: why and why not
  • Scams: they're everywhere
  • Housekeeping and cleaning: how to leverage it
  • Taxes: having a great tax attorney
  • Incorporating: LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp - what's best for you
  • Repeat guests: the more the better
  • Social media: Facebook, website, newsletters
  • And much more…

Phase 3: Building a strategy for success: changes to make, tracking progress, planning for growth

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