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Hi, I'm Rudy Younger!

I specialize in the management of beautiful and high end vacation rental properties in the Hudson Valley and Lake Placid areas of New York state. If you are looking to rent a vacation property for a weekend, week or month and want something different and unique, you will love the properties in my portfolio. And feel free to connect with me on Linked-in:

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I love what I do!

Ten years ago, I bought my first condo in Lake Placid as an investment and as a place to enjoy a bit when it was not rented. What began as a small rental income business has grown and become the second career I always wanted: my own property management business where I get to meet and work with interesting and wonderful people. That is why I love what I do. Not only do I find my new business fun and exciting but I'm very good at it too!

A wealth of experience!

My work experience has prepared me perfectly for what I'm doing today. My business background is extensive and diverse. For 33 years, I worked at IBM helping to build, test and design mainframe computers, as a MFG Engineer, MFG Test Manager, Materials Management Professional and finally, as a Diversity & Workforce HR Partner. It was at IBM that I developed my analytical skills and honed my interpersonal skills too. I literally worked with thousands of great people and had a very rewarding and successful career. After my retirement, I worked as a sales consultant for a Honda dealership and sold 325 cars in 3 years. I liked connecting with people and helping them make this kind of important buying decision. But for the entire time I was working there, I was mentally preparing to be my own boss, build my own business and, most importantly, do something that really excited me and was fun! With all my previous experience, it was a natural transition into my second career as the owner of my exciting new business called Rudy's 1 Of A Kind Vacation Rentals.

Dreams DO come true!

After buying my first condo in Lake Placid, NY and successfully increasing the rental income by almost 100% in the first year, I began thinking I could do the same for other property owners. So I earned my New York real estate license (and now my NY and CT real estate brokers license) and a good friend recommended me to a well-known international chef who wanted to rent his home when he was traveling to Asia on business. We met, agreed to work together and I started to rent out his beautiful country estate. The rentals were very successful the first year with their income covering all operating expenses plus more – and with only 100 nights rented. I was also contacted by a new condo owner in the same Lake Placid resort as my condo, who was trying to better understand how vacation rentals worked. She saw my listings and contacted me. After we met, I started managing their rentals and immediately tripled her previous broker's output and from $15,000 to almost $40,000 annually. She was thrilled, to say the least, and they have been great clients and friends ever since. This was becoming really fun, exciting and highly fulfilling!

Well, that was a few years ago, and I still find my new business fun, exciting and fulfilling. I now have a total of 14 great rental properties including my own with 4 in the Hudson Valley and another 10 in Lake Placid. Plus I have started consulting a bit as well. I am living my dream and enjoying my new life. If I can help you with your dream of owning a successful vacation rental property, managing it or consulting on it, please let me know as I’d love to work with you together on it!

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61 Argent Drive
Highland, NY 12528

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